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We are all about designing spaces for children in the most pleasing, pragmatic and purposeful manner. We have built environments that encourage children to think, imagine, create, learn and grow happily.


As a mother of two, my sole objective while putting together a space for my kids was to make it comfortable and inspiring for them. That was the very first project of Think Cutieful.


Over a period of ten years, we have delved deeper into the science of colour and graphics to create unique and customised environments for pre-schools, day cares, children's clinics and hospitals, and of courseresidences.


Today, using custom-made ergonomic furniture, wall graphics and other sensory and specialised components, we have partnered with leading educators in India and abroad to integrate design with curriculum to simplify learning and make it meaningful.

Our Story

For us at Think Cutieful, it's all about simplifying things.

Eunoia Designs consists of ThinkCutieful and Mycutestickons.com. Founded in 2009 by Romilla Tewari, a mother of two, it is a Design services and e-commerce brand, based out of Delhi. It’s all about using design in a pleasing, pragmatic and purposeful way to create stimulating and enriching learning spaces for children, while taking a little pressure off parents, schools and caregivers. Think Cutieful provides complete design services, including turnkey interiors for kids’ spaces - pre-schools, schools, day cares, children’s hospitals, clinics, play areas and even residences. Mycutestickons is product centric and enables mothers to organize the world around them and their children. visit mycutestickons.com for more information .

Both the service and the product solutions focus on mother and child spaces with customer service and quality at the heart of their philosophy. With the emphasis on ‘learning through exploration’ taking centre stage in a child’s learning journey today, the brand creates aesthetically stimulating spaces that integrate the sensory and cognitive accents, maximizing learning experiences for children. Using custom-made furniture, wall graphics and other sensory and specialized components, they build active spaces in activity room, psychomotor gym, preschool classrooms, Montessori labs, discovery and setting rooms. The first to design non-PVC, fabric based removable and reusable self-adhesive material which is toxin, Phthalate free, green and biodegradable, they been nomination twice by Print Week India and have won the Gold Moms Choice Award, USA. Awarded the 2018 IDA Corporate award for the Best service of the year in the Preschool Design Category .

Winner of Gold Moms choice award, USA

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