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A mother, an entrepreneur, a creative mind, Romilla is all of these, not necessarily in that order. It’s what lays in the foundation ofEunoia Designs, founded by Romilla in 2009. Her passion for design combined with an MBA Degree (Corporate L&D) found the perfect platform in MyCuteStickOns and Think Cutieful. “Big graphics, bold colours complicate a child’s world! Like it’s not confusing enough. We need to make things simple for children, and for moms.” Romilla’s design solutions are two pronged - they make the world simple around children, without making it difficult for moms.
Over the past decade, from creating one-of-a-kind personalised and child-friendly labels to designing customised and enriching environments for children, she’s found a creative canvas in children’s spaces - preschools, children’s clinics, learning zones, play areas to mention a few.

The design solutions of Think Cutieful opens up a world of endless learning opportunities for children. It provides international standards in kids’ decor for India parents and caregivers. She’s the first to bring the concept of wall stickers, decals, wall art and personalised labels for children. And it’s all backed by research and science.

The fact that Think Cutieful is partnering with renowned educators to use design as an education tool is a remarkable milestone.
She has 12 years of corporate experience, two lovely daughters and a solution-led approach to back every project that she undertakes.


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